1 John - Chapter 5 through 3 John
The beloved apostle John warns the church against false teaching and exhorts them to hold on to the truth of the God of light and love. Listen


Train Up A Child

What could be more vital than training up our children in the way they should go? Listen

1 John - Chapters 3 - 4

A deep look into John's epistles Listen

What is a True Christian?

The startling truth is very few know what the Bible says a true Christian is Listen

End of an Era

Is the sun setting on the United States’ global financial superpower status? Read

1 John - Chapters 1 - 2

An deep look into John's epistles Listen

Do You Know the Lord?

Knowing God requires more than just words Listen

James - Chapter 5

A book by the Lord's brother Listen

America in Decline

Will the United States continue to be the dominant superpower in the world today? Listen

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