America the Beautiful, the Hated, the Isolated
The inauguration of President Barack Obama was surrounded by a feeling of hope for a new direction for the United States. Will his presidency see a renewal of American power and prestige? What will determine the course of America’s future? Read More


Education Quick Takes

What are our children learning in school? Read

Modern Romans Part 2

Crisis in Education Listen

Modern Romans Part 1

The Decline of the Family Listen

Who is Training Your Children?

The rat race constantly demands our attention, but what is it doing to our families? Read

Cultivating Family Values - Part III

Build strong, healthy family relationships in your life Listen

The Power of a Dream

How can you fulfill your dreams? Read

Cultivating Family Values - Part II

The family is the foundation of every great nation Listen

Recapture True Values

Right standards that stand up in every situation throughout all time Read

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