Modern Romans -  Part 5
PART 5-The tragic lesson leading up to Rome's demise are largely ignored. Skyrocketing debt! Massive entitlements! Ever-increasing taxes. We are repeating the same financial mistakes that led to the eventual collapse of the ancient Roman Empire! Listen


Modern Romans - Part 4

Passion for Pleasure Listen

Modern Romans - Part 3

Irrelevance of Religion Listen

Modern Romans – Part 2

Crisis in Education Listen

Modern Romans – Part 1

The Decline of the Family Listen

Grace and Law

What is required for us to receive eternal life? Listen

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The return of Jesus Christ will be the pivotal event in all of human history Listen

How Old Are You?

How does your age factor into your life and God’s promises? Read

Life's Great Purpose

What is the purpose for human existence? Listen

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