The True Gospel
There is only one true gospel that's acceptable to God. And that's the gospel Christ preached and which He commissioned His one, true church to proclaim to the whole world. Listen


The Fruit of Temperance

What does temperance mean? Listen

The Fruit of Meekness

Many people consider meekness as weakness, but what does the Bible say? Listen

The Fruit of Faith

True, relaxed faith is difficult to find anywhere today. Listen

The Family Farm

A mass migration back to the family farm is coming! Read

The Fruit of Goodness

Goodness is a Godly quality that reflects the character of Jesus Christ. Listen

The Fruit of Gentleness

How much concern and care do we see in society today? Listen

The Fruit of Longsuffering

Dynamic and growing Christians always reflect the fruit of longsuffering in their lives. Listen

The Fruit of Peace

True and lasting peace continues to elude mankind. Listen

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