Is Hell Real?
The concept of hell as a place of everlasting torture is not Biblical. Do you know where it originated? Do you know what the Bible says? Read More

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The Nature of Animals

Will the Kingdom of God be a wild kingdom? Read

No! That's Not All There Is

There’s a lot more to living than just “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die!” Read

The Power of a Dream

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Godly Women of the Bible

The Godly women of the Bible provide a tremendous example for us all! Read

E Pluribus Unum

"From many, one" are the words inscribed in the Great Seal of the United States Read

Words Are Just Words, Right?

Some things are better left unsaid. Read

Swimming Upstream

Swimming upstream requires effort and tenacity Read

Little Things Mean a Lot

The sum total of little decisions can equal a completely different way of life Read

EnviroPig and Frankenfish

How genetically modified is your food? Read

Population Explosion

Where Will it End? Read

The Wonderful Gift of Music

Music that is pleasing to God is a joy and inspiration to us as well Read

Who is Training Your Children?

The rat race constantly demands our attention, but what is it doing to our families? Read

Blessings of the United States

Reason to give thanks Read

Italics in the Bible

Added for clarification, often causing confusion Read

Milk of Human Kindness

What is the "secret" principle that guarantees a life of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment? Read

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