Who Is Jacob?  Part 3
Find out what lies ahead for the birthright descendants of Jacob--the United States and the British Commonwealth nations. Read More

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E Pluribus Unum

"From many, one" are the words inscribed in the Great Seal of the United States Read

Recapture True Values

Right standards that stand up in every situation throughout all time Read

Are We Going to Heaven?

What is the reward of the saved? Read

History of the European Union

What forces have shaped this rising world power? Read

Education Quick Takes

What are our children learning in school? Read

Little Things Mean a Lot

The sum total of little decisions can equal a completely different way of life Read

Home – The Center of Gravity

Home, sweet home! A warm and nurturing home is built on the foundation of family Read

Who is Training Your Children?

The rat race constantly demands our attention, but what is it doing to our families? Read

End of an Era

Is the sun setting on the United States’ global financial superpower status? Read

Who Is Jacob, Part 2

Who are the modern descendants of Jacob today? Read


A story of loyalty and love Read

Can Man Create Life?

Has science replaced the need for a Creator? Read

Who Is Jacob? Part 1

What is the modern significance of this Biblical patriarch? Read

The Nature of Animals

Will the Kingdom of God be a wild kingdom? Read

The Beginning of the End of NATO

The North Atlantic alliance appears to be fracturing from within Read

Swimming Upstream

Swimming upstream requires effort and tenacity Read

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